Showing Our House

It is a very exciting time for us! Recently it has been decided that we will be moving into a new home! While under contract and working on everything that comes with closing on a new home – we have listed our current home up for rent. With everything going on with this pandemic that is among us, it has been a very interesting time as both a home buyer and as someone who is listing their home. There is a lot of stress alone with trying to make your place look presentable for others to want to move in and now with this pandemic it is more important than ever on how your home is presented. Renters and buyers are less wanting to come inside a stranger’s home during this time so the presentation and cleanliness of my home has become increasingly vital.

There are a few things that have helped tremendusly in this journey:

  1. Keeping things clean in general. With the fears that comes along with this lovely virus having a clean home for someone to view is even more important than it was before. It’s important for the comfort and safety of families who are viewing my home as well as the safety of my own family.
  2. My trusted cleaning parner, Roomba. Having 2 crazy pugs means alot of pug hair, which as I’m sure you can guess means alot maintenance. Well thanks to my Roomba I’ve been having alot less upkeep in that department – I just set it to go off once a day and the dog hair as been minimal when it comes to tidying before a showing.
  3. GermGuardian pluggable air purifier. GermGuardian sanitizes and deodorizes the are in your home with a UV-C light that kills airborne molds & germs, and reduces odors. With the virus that is going around this little guy comes in handy for everyone’s safety.
  4. Pura, which is a smart home fragrance system. Pura is great, I can not say enough on it. I will eventually be creating a review on it – but in a nutshell with Pura is a plug in air freshener that I am able to control 2 different scents at a time with my phone. I am able to control when it’s on, what scent I would like, and the intensity of the fragrance. Scent can play a big role in making people feel that sense clean while inside my home, and with animals inside the home it takes that extra effort to ensure a nice smelling atmosphere. ( you can get 15% off of Pura with code: nicolef2503 )

Really these little helpful insight into what works well with me can be used for more than just house showings but on a regular basis in general. It’s always nice to come home to a house that is clean, comfortable, and smelling great!

Try Pura 15% off with code nicolef2503

Try GermGuardian $10 off with link


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