5 Easy Eco-Friendly Changes

I’m trying to leave the world better than I found it. Here are little ways that I have been cutting down on waste that can easily be implemented in your daily life. They are small changes however it’s not about creating this big sudden impact, it’s all about caring for the planet we live on in any way we can – not matter how small. Anything and everything matters!

  • Skip the straw! Next time you go out to eat try enjoying your beverage without the straw. This is any easy way to reduce waste and plastic – it also one of the easiest first step you can towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Can’t do without a straw? Try investing in a reusable straw such as Final Straw.
  • Use a reusable water bottle! There a ton of cute options for reusable water bottles that it’s hard to not want to make the switch. Water is an essential part of life but sometimes making sure you reach your water intake goal each day can be daunting – I personally think a cute reusable water bottle makes it alittle easier, plus it’s great for the environment.
  • Use a cleaning rag! Stop using paper towel or clorox wipes every time you wipe your kitchen counters, clean a spill, and so on. Did you know that paper towels were a mistake and it took years to get consumers to buy them? Now it seems it’s all we use – by using a cleaning rag you can save money and reduce waste easily.
  • Invest in a refillable cleaning solutions! There are some great cleaning brands that offer refillable solutions for your everyday cleaning. By using a refillable option you help reduce the amount of plastic bottles that you contribute. Brands to look into are Blueland, Cleancult, Force of Nature, and more!
  • Buy less! I am victim of buying the next new thing, I get fascinated with it for the first week and before I know it I have another item added to my clutter. Buy solely based off your needs and not on the new thing that you are suddenly infatuated with – by doing so you are creating less waste, creating less clutter, and save money.

Of course many, if not all, of these little changes may or may not be common knowledge. However I hope that this little post inspires at least one person to make at least one easy change for Mother Earth.


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