ForChics Review

Recently I have been seeing ads everywhere for the brand ForChics, whether it be for their lash serum or their brow serum I am seeing it everywhere I go. Amidst the COVID-19 stay at home order I decided to give the products a try so that I could get some more content for the blog. Now I wouldn’t say my brows are terrible, I can wear no make up and feel fine however there are some spots where I wish the hair would grow a little better (specifically the top part of the arches). As for my lashes, I feel they of average quality right now – not too full but not too sparse either. But may lashes definitely get quite some abuse from wearing mascara causing a lot of regular breakage.

I’ll admit I am not good at taking close ups of my eye area but I wanted to be able to track the progress, if any, so that I could share my experience. But since I am not great at taking the progress pictures I also documented my impressions throughout the experience.

4/31 – I received the packaging after (the pre-shipment info was sent to ups 4/8 so shipping did take a long time – I was able to order 4 different orders from different companies after ordering this and received all of them before this came in)

I really like the packaging – it’s very feminine and pretty. I must say that the product feels very light, if I didn’t know any better I would think it was empty, my husband would definitely throw this away if I left it out due to how light it is so that is something that I will have to be careful of.

1 week: I noticed growth in my lashes – I do have a patch in where I had breakage from mascara where the growth was not as significant but it’s only one week in. Can’t tell if there was any growth in my brows however, both my lash and brows feel very conditioned and softer to touch.

Week 2: I started to notice length and curl with eyes opened. But was a subtle changes compare to week 1. Finally starting to notice a subtle difference in my brows. Smoother mascara application, glides right on

Week 3: I didn’t really feel much of a difference in grown but the color of my lashes started to appear darker

Week 4: I saw more of a difference in the thickness of the hairs and some increased length. Darker appearance brow and lash. Less mascara required when doing make up and application is very smooth.

Final thoughts: I am very happy with my final result so far. My lashes exceeded my expectations however the brows I wish has more improvement. I plan to continue using and seeing how it plays out – I also plan the get a lash lift and tint once salons open because I have a feeling it’s going to look absolutely stunning after my results with ForLash.


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