July 2020 Highlights

Summer of just flying by, wouldn’t you agree? A lot has been going on this summer most of it has been updates to our home. It’s been such a journey and already we have so much progress. While the upstairs have been pretty much done, we have decided to demo the 2 upstairs bathroom so that we can completely re do them to fit our style better.

We had our washer and dryer unexpectedly break on us which forced us to start the popcorn ceiling, paint, and floors on the downstairs sooner then we expected. But now we have a beautiful new washer and dryer which connects to an app on our phone which we have been loving! Unfortunately the fridge that was in the laundry doesn’t fit anyone so we had to temporarily move it in the kitchen until we figure out exactly what we want to do. But let’s face it 2 fridges easily accessible in the main kitchen isn’t such a big burden to live with while figuring it out.

The family has been enjoying having a pool. I would say we spend most of our time in the pool during our free time and it has been a blast. Walter and Winston are officially in love with swimming and playing in the pool. They get so excited to be able to run around, jump one of the many floats, and then swim ashore to do it all over again. Winston had surgery to fix his elongated soft palate (as well as a neuter while under anesthesia) he has been recovering nicely while watching a lot of cartoons. Of course now he can’t go swimming now which breaks his little heart when he sees Walter getting to still swim.

I have been applying for another jobs so that I can emerge myself more to where I would like to be career wise and accepted an offer at a great practice. I started at my new Veterinary Hosptial this week. The hospital that I decided to join considers themselves to be a teaching hospital and had such a great atmosphere as far as how the company treats their employees and how the employees treat one another. I am extremely excited to be able to grow and learn more hands on as I continue to embark on my journey to becoming a CVT.


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