Pregnancy & Privacy

I often get comments on my lack of posting on social media when it comes to my pregnancy. To be honest I have been posting more than I would like and that may be shocking considering I’m more than half way through my first pregnancy and I’ve only posted maybe 2 things total. I mean I knew the gender and the name before even announcing my pregnancy and just last night I had a friend asking if I planned on finding out the gender months later – of course when someone asks I always am happy to share. However when my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby I had it hard set in my head that I would not even announce my pregnancy on social media. I wanted to protect my privacy and the intimacy of my pregnancy journey, among many other reasons behind not sharing. Ultimately it is my first pregnancy so I decided to announce my pregnancy on Christmas Day with a cute little picture including my pugs, who are my world. But I still wanted to be able to control the information that was out there and be able to hold on to some of that privacy and intimacy of my pregnancy which has led to me not posting updates on my pregnancy since.

Now to answer the question of why.

One of the main reasons why I have been avoiding posting on social media is I’m very sensitive towards what could cause grief within another person. I know multiple people who have some serious struggles with infertility and I’m sure there are even more that I don’t know about but see my posts. When going through something like that I understand that it can be hard to see others pregnancy journeys when that’s something that you want so badly. I don’t want to create another trigger for anyone struggling so my very bare minimum posting is more than enough for me.

Another underlying reason for the amount of privacy I have created around my pregnancy is some people are just not genuinely happy for others anymore. It’s so depressing actually typing that but it’s true. I have people who like to create drama in regards to my family behind our backs in the form of spreading gossip and even creating little white lies. I have had to experience it since my parents divorce and I don’t want to be a topic of conversation anymore, I’m actually extremely tired of it but you can’t completely run away when it happens within extended family. Let’s be fair it’s really only selected members that are the main issue however I don’t want my baby to be subjected to that kind of behavior so by controlling the information that some people may receive gives me a little more sanity as a someone who is about to be a new mom.

When I’m talking to someone one on one I have no hesitation in talking about my baby, I was never keeping anything a secret. I am so beyond joyed that I am pregnant, I could stare at my ultrasound pictures for hours, and already am so in love with all the sweet little kicks and movements. Now I am trying to figure out how much I want to share on actual social media when baby is born, including if I even want to announce the birth on social media. Of course when I’m taking to someone in person I have no issues

I know that places like Facebook are used heavily for keeping up with friends and family but there is too much over sharing going on. I don’t feel obligated to post everything that happens for everyone, including some strangers to enjoy. I want to be able to enjoy every little thing within my family as well as maintain my privacy. As of right now I would like to utilize my blog for a small amount of updates of my family. I think it’s a great way to plan what information I would like to share as well as share some great family moments without giving up more than I am comfortable for those who want to be updated.


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